Crypto Community Management 101 — Part 1

Our community managers have gained a wealth of knowledge, which they would like to share in a multi-part series titled “Crypto Community Management 101.”

Each article of this series focuses on a different aspect of community management. Cryptocurrency communities are scattered all across different social media platforms, and each one digests its information differently.

This article will focus on the social media aspect — more specifically the prevalent platforms — including Twitter, Medium, Reddit and Bitcointalk.


Twitter Logo

There has been no other social media platform that has taken over crypto quite like Twitter. When leveraged properly, Twitter can be used as one of the most powerful and efficient tools to spread any information regarding your project (milestones, updates, releases, etc.). It has become absolutely essential as a baseline in crypto that cannot be ignored when building a community. From the very beginning, it has proven to be one of the most useful tools for building the online presence of the LGO brand. Here are some of the methods to utilize Twitter to your advantage:

  • NO One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Tailor your content to Twitter. Images, text, and the overall context of your tweets are essential. DO take the extra time to create ‘twitter-card’ versions of your graphics/images. DO take the extra time to formulate a condensed version of your text post, highlighting the key details (this is different than shortening your text to fit Twitter’s character limit!). Remember, your community members will be retweeting this and aiding in the process of marketing your project, so don’t get sloppy with the results!
  • Consistency is Key: Get creative with the content type and frequency of these tweets. It’s a mistake to assume that your community members are only following your project, so it wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise if members happen to miss a post or two from your Twitter account. The challenge here is nailing down a consistent schedule of quality tweets that aren’t too frequent (spam-like) or too spaced out (leads to missed posts). Experiment with both combinations to determine which works best for your project.
  • Don’t be afraid to be friendly!: With each cryptocurrency having their own Twitter account, space is already saturated as it is — so throw in some personality! Like, retweet, and even comment on posts relevant to your project. Normally, the team members (including the CEO) have their own Twitter account, it is highly recommended that your project does the same, as investors/users across other crypto projects tend to follow every bit of social media relating to their holdings as much as they can. For instance, when LGO sends out a tweet, it will be an update about the company, but will also fit into a larger narrative regarding the industry that will make sense when shared from outside accounts. So if 5 team members retweet a post from your project’s main Twitter account, then those team member’s followers could potentially see that post as well (thereby decreasing your chances of followers missing your tweet). This also gives your team a chance to be unique and stand out amongst other projects.


LGO Group Medium Homepage

Consider Medium an extension to your main site’s blog section. It doesn’t hurt to leverage Medium even if you have your own integrated blog solution, as this is another easily shareable social media platform. It’s much easier for community members to share Medium posts than an article that has been published on the website.

Just like Twitter, consistency and balance is the name of the game. Treat your Medium as an announcement-only page and people won’t stay engaged, on the other hand, writing Medium posts that discuss everything surrounding your project diminishes the quality of your Medium and therefore earlier posts won’t hold much weight when a new one comes out.

For LGO Launch, experimentation with formal and informal posts, a mix of announcements, PSAs, and more technical articles have earned some gratifying results. Ensuring your Medium posts are of the highest quality should be the top priority, but it’s important to keep timing and frequency in mind as well. If done right, Medium can be a very powerful tool for building out your community.


Reddit is a hybrid platform combining true member-to-member interaction with a designated area to post content related to your project. Along with your subreddit, it allows you to tap into similar cryptocurrency communities who may be unaware of your project. For example, the largest cryptocurrency subreddit, r/Cryptocurrency, houses almost 800,000 subscribers ready to learn about new projects.

The key difference between Reddit and other social media platforms is its sustainability. Reddit is treated as a living, evolving organism that relies on the support of the community to keep it alive. That can provide some challenges to maintaining something like a project subreddit, as luck plays an important role in a successful subreddit. The best way to manage a presence on Reddit is to try to produce useful content and maintain a structured subreddit. Instead of posting links that take users away from the subreddit and onto something like your project’s Twitter account, take the time to post the text and images that make your subreddit more like a home to your project, rather than another place to regurgitate the same information. LGO Launch has found considerable success by spreading out its posts in multiple relevant subreddits, each designed to build up the overall community.


We’ll wrap up this article with a social media platform that will definitely not hurt to have but not quite as necessary as the previous two. Bitcointalk was once the defacto platform for all upcoming blockchain-related projects, where the legitimacy of your project hinged on how active your Bitcointalk thread was. Today, it’s just another “placeholder” for all content related to your project for a number of reasons. One, the forum format seems extremely outdated when sites like Reddit have really stepped up in the crypto space and allowed for a more organized structure to pushing out content; and two, because of how anonymous users can be on Bitcointalk, there’s potential for toxicity within the thread that can be sometimes difficult to manage.

We’ve seen projects succeed with or without dedicated Bitcointalk threads, so we have taken a neutral approach towards this platform.


There are many other social media platforms outside the scope of this article that are worth consideration; however, we feel these were the most essential. Whether you decide to invest time only into the sites we listed or expand your social media presence even further, always keep in mind that the strength of a project can almost always circulate back to its community.

Stay tuned for our next article, where we discuss the importance of team interactions/exposure to a newly established community!

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