Three Keys to a Successful Blockchain Event

Interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency has exploded over the last several years, and the number and variety of companies in the industry have risen rapidly. One of the fastest growing facets of the crypto space has been in conferences and events. From small meetups to discuss new developments to international conferences where tens of thousands of people discuss all things cryptocurrency, there’s an opportunity for any kind of blockchain event to succeed.

However, assembling a great program and booking the right venue are just the first steps. Even the strongest ideas and biggest names in the field might get lost in the clamor of competing events. If you want your blockchain event to achieve its full potential, it’s going to need a boost.

Raise Your Profile

There are hundreds of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency events every year now. They happen all over the world and theoretically could encompass anything and everything about the subject.

To stand out, an event has to raise its profile, and the best way to do so is to create both eye-catching and informative digital advertising. The right ads can do a lot to draw interest in a blockchain event. What is critical is to have something about the ad that can’t be easily ignored.

In the case of a display ad, an exciting and well-designed graphic can encourage even those with a casual interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency to click on an ad. Coupled with the right tagline, the ad will stick in people’s minds and make them want to learn more.

Sponsored articles and other native ads meanwhile give more information about what an event will offer, without being as blatant a sales tactic. The best ones will be informative, yet have a voice that can whet the appetite of readers for the event itself.

Find Your Audience

Greats ads are worthless if they aren’t seen by the right people. In the world of blockchain events, organizers need to both identify their ideal audience and figure out where to find them.

The crypto community as a whole is at approximately 30 million, and growing every day. The target audience for the ads depends on several factors, including the geography of where the event will be held, the industry application or aspect of the technology to be discussed at the event, and who it is aimed at.

Once you have identified your audience, the next step is to find out where they will be browsing online. It might be crypto and tech news websites, professional organizations in the crypto space or social media groups centered around cryptocurrency. Diffusing the ads to those spots, and not wasting money on a wide blast, can make a huge difference in building awareness, and the potential attendance, of a blockchain event.

Hire a Professional

Deploying an advertising campaign for a blockchain event can seem like a daunting process for event organizers, but it doesn’t have to be. Hiring a professional service that specializes in targeting the exact audience you are seeking can be very beneficial.  

At LGO Launch, we specialize in creating appealing ads in multiple formats, diffusing them to the crypto community, and optimizing campaigns for efficiency thanks to our proprietary crypto community audience and ability to zero in on relevant segments.

We can focus on bringing you the right attendees, while you focus on planning the best blockchain event. To find more about how LGO Launch can make your event a must-attend, contact us today.

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