How Native Ads Work

Digital advertising is critical for modern businesses, especially those operating in the crypto and blockchain technology industry. Native advertising is paid media that blends with the content of where it is embedded. It is just one way to promote a company or product online but is arguably one of the most useful.

By one measure, native ads have a click-through rate, the number of people who visit an advertiser’s website four times higher than standard display ads. Three out of every four publishers offer native ads now, making it one of the most valuable tools in reaching the desired audience.

The importance of native ads for crypto-related businesses is even higher than in other industries. That’s because the largest networks of online advertising, such as Google and Facebook, have strict rules limiting advertising about cryptocurrency-related products and services.

To compensate, it is vital for companies connected in some way to the crypto space to navigate other forms of the ever-evolving realm of online advertising. While there are no authoritative definitions of native advertising formats, the basic breakdown is between sponsored content and in-feed ads.

A company or brand can arrange for promotional content on a publisher’s platform or similar website in a few ways formats. Articles paid for by a company are probably the type of native ad most people are familiar with. At first glance, the article looks like other news or opinion pieces on the site in terms of formatting, editorial style, and other details, but somewhere there will be a ‘sponsored’ or similar label to indicate that it is not produced by the publisher hosting it.

Depending on the publisher and what the company wants, the article may be attributed to a company, or to an executive of a company. If it works in context, the article may include a call to action, inviting people to try a product or service from the company sponsoring the article. Even if there isn’t a call to action, the article may be surrounded by banner ads for the sponsoring company, or offer other suggestions to connect with the business.

Native video advertising is not hugely different from the written form of sponsored content, and it can be a great way to raise awareness for those who might not have time to get through a full article. The best native video ads are often very brief and to the point, but memorable because of humor, visuals, and the strength of the message itself. Slightly longer videos might take the form of a news story or lifestyle piece examining a company or product in more detail, while using the format of other videos on the site, like an unboxing on a consumer electronics site or interview with an executive.

In-Feed Ads

The other way to embed native ads on a website is to build the ad into the peripheral content. They are something of a cross between a display ad and a sponsored post in that they blend with the website, but it might be a little obvious that they are promotional.

One frequent variety is seen at the bottom of articles on a news website, often found under the heading ‘other stories from around the web.’ These ads typically have an eye-catching headline, sometimes with an accompanying photo depending on placement. These type of in-feed ads have acquired an unfortunate reputation as a click bait, but as advertising algorithms are refined, the relevance of in-feed ads to the page they appear on is improving.

Another kind of in-feed ad is the sponsored search ad. While most associated with the sponsored search results at the top of a Google search page, they can also appear on other search engines, including internal search engines on large forums or listing sites.

Social media’s prominence has also created an ideal ecosystem for native advertising. Sponsored links and images on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms are all common today.

Crypto Companies Need Native Ads

As can be seen in the examples above, native advertising is amazingly versatile. Once the details are worked out between a publisher or platform and the sponsoring company, the ads can start appearing relatively quickly and be seen by a wide array of potential advisors, investors, and other stakeholders who might never be reached through sales calls.

For companies wanting to reach and connect with the crypto community, native ads are an invaluable instrument when applied correctly. The trick is figuring out what kind of native ads to create and putting them in the right places. At LGO Launch, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of both aspects.

Our team crafts engaging articles, visuals, and videos suitable for any variety of native advertising, and we have exclusive agreements with more than 200 publishers and influencers to embed these ads on their respective platforms. As the limitations on traditional online advertising persist, our ability to get ads on relevant news sites and ranking sites can make all the difference for a company looking to build bridges to any segment of the crypto community.

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