Advertising Your Business to the Crypto Community

There are enormous opportunities for companies to get involved with blockchain technology, but there are also obstacles in this marketplace that could potentially derail their work. Connecting to the right people and organizations in the crypto-community is complicated, but critical for any startup to succeed in this space.

Growth Obstacles

The main growth issue every company in the blockchain industry faces is the fragmented and widespread nature of the crypto-community, which has no true segmentation. Today, there are 30 million active users of blockchain technology, and the people interested in the industry are not limited geographically but the laws and regulations for advertising regarding blockchain technology vary by country and region. Crafting an advertising campaign to specifically reach those who would be interested in one particular company is no easy feat.

That’s especially true when considering the current limitations for cryptocurrency-related online advertising. Earlier this year, scams having to do with ICOs raised enough concern for the major media companies to implement a full-scale ban on any ads connected to the industry, eliminating around two-thirds of all online advertising opportunities.

However, this blanket ban also cut off a potential source of revenue for these platforms, which generate most of their revenue by selling ads. In fact, Google parent company Alphabet released that 87 percent of their revenue came from advertising in their latest Q3 earnings report.

In response, Google and Facebook began adjusting their policies, but there is still a maze of regulations in place for any company attempting to advertise the crypto industry. However, we believe this reversal is a strong indicator that cryptocurrencies are maturing, gaining more acceptance and legitimacy in the eyes of the general public.

Expanded services for a maturing market

LGO Launch was founded with one specific goal in mind, to connect businesses to the core crypto-community. Although many of these businesses have found alternative avenues to promote their projects, such as influencer and content marketing, nothing quite compares to the results achieved through paid advertising.

We have the resources and strategies to overcome the obstacles to a successful advertising campaign in the industry, leveraging success for select clients. LGO Launch’s approach is built on the processes of content creation, diffusion, and traction.

Stage I - Creation

Creating useful content is the first element to achieving the marketing goals LGO Launch’s clients are seeking. During the onboarding process, we conduct an extensive review of our clients, working closely with them to understand their enterprise and the specific and long-term goals they have for their campaign.

We proceed to create content from this foundation using our expertise of the crypto-community to craft content which educates and engages the specific audience our clients wish to reach. The content can include written articles for publications and blogs, several kinds of video productions, and graphic designs and other visuals suitable for almost any outlet or platform. Regardless of the format, every piece of content is crafted to achieve a specific goal.  

Stage II - Diffusion

Once content has been created, the next step is disseminating it to the right audience. Specific targeting is the ideal of an ad campaign, and our diffusion strategies can exactly pinpoint the potential users, investors, and other stakeholders our clients want to reach. Display, native, and social media ads all have their uses and vary in their effectiveness based on which platform they will be deployed.

From the beginning, we have built our audience on the foundation of the original LGO brand. There are more than 400,000 active crypto-holders and counting in our audience now, vetted and sorted for precise targeting by the campaigns we create for our clients. LGO Launch has a network of more than 150 influencers and more than 200 publishers in the blockchain and crypto-community around the world so that campaigns can be customized for a regional or global spread.

Stage III - Traction

Measuring the success of a strategy is an intrinsic part of improving tactics, and LGO Launch closely monitors the momentum of all our creation and diffusion efforts. We are completely transparent with our clients from start to finish, and provide regular reports, customized to their needs, with all of our data metrics and analyses to expand upon, and where resources can be better directed. These dynamic reports help us build a feedback loop to build and maintain the name recognition and stature of our clients.

At LGO Launch, we have the tools and resources to help blockchain and crypto companies to achieve their advertising and PR goals. Our unparalleled database of active crypto-users, understanding of the industry, and creative talent for generating and disseminating information to enhance the awareness and prestige of our clients. The crypto-community may be scattered and fragmented, but we know exactly how to congregate it to build the quality connections that this industry needs.

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